Kid Lit Review: ‘LMNO Pea-quel’ by Keith Baker

“How did you get him to learn the alphabet?”

I have the blessing and curse of having a tiny boy who loves, loves, LOVES the alphabet. We were thrilled when he could identify any letter at 18-months, and it’s been fun to watch him grow. To be honest, however, I didn’t expect the obsession to continue this strongly.

We have spent hours upon hours writing the alphabet in sidewalk chalk and in the sand at the beach. We break out the paint to see his creative side, and all he wants is for us to paint the letters. I sing the Alphabet Song numerous times a day, and we decided to teach him the sign language alphabet so he could always have his ABCs with him.

So, after more than a year of this love affair, I’m constantly looking for new books and activities involving the ABCs.

I search for this library label with desperation.

I discovered an animated musical of “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault) and “LMNO Peas” (also by Keith Baker), and since the music is decent, I let him watch it over and over again.

Side Note: Does a musical version of a book still count as screen time? Can I at least deduct some time from these sessions since there are words on the screen?

As a bonus feature, the DVD includes an interview with Keith Baker. As toddler brains work, we HAVE to watch the interview every time since we watched it the first time, so I feel like Keith — may I call you Keith? — and I are good friends. He gives off a solid Dad-vibe complete with puns, so that makes me an immediate fan.

If you’re new to the LMNO Pea world, start with the original, “LMNO Peas,” which is a sweet run through the alphabet. Then comes “1-2-3 Peas,” a lesson in numbers, and “Little Green Peas,” which teaches colors. When your kiddo is ready for more of a challenge, hit “Hap-pea All Year” to introduce the months of the year.

I’m always up for a good pun.

Keith’s (I’ve decided to call you Keith) newest book, “LMNO Pea-quel,” was released on July 4, 2017. A few weeks ago, I noticed he was writing a new book and was on the library wait list. Did I mention I take our book reading very seriously? OK, OK, this was actually a coincidence.

“LMNO Pea-quel” is a sequel to the original book, except it introduces lowercase letters. Small green peas rhyme, rollick, and romp through the alphabet, playfully matching professions or hobbies and activities with each letter. I was a little concerned when “J” stood for “jailbird,” but he tossed in “ichthyologists” for “I,” so I felt like he redeemed himself educationally. Plus, the jailed peas do look very sad and repentant.

Brightly colored with plenty of action, my son loves this series. Plus, there’s a bonus character to spot on each spread, which only adds to the fun. I love the series, as well. The rhymes flow easily, and the books are concise and quick. I’d give “Pea-quel” a 4 out of 5. It wasn’t his most creative attempt, but I’m curious to see how much farther he can go with this theme. Just imagine the “possibili-peas!” (his word, not mine — Dad joke.)

Do you have any favorite alphabet books to share? Help a mother out!

“LMNO Pea-quel” was published by Beach Lane Books, a trademark of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2017

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  1. Dana says:

    You should check out this post from the kids lit blog Fuse 8. Maybe it has a few ABC you haven’t read yet!


    1. seemamaread says:

      What a great list (and a great blog)! Thank you for passing it along!


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