The Big Boy Room Reno: How to Redecorate for a 3-Year-Old

When I was pregnant with George, I decided to decorate his nursery in a navy-and-lime color scheme and fill it with dinosaurs, as my husband adored dinos as a kid. Since I was having a bouncing baby boy, I assumed he would follow suit.

My first of many incorrect assumptions. The second being that all toddlers love grapes.

Admittedly, this photo was taken while I was still pregnant. Therefore, it only looked this tidy for about a week. That painting was a remnant of the guestroom this once was. I didn’t purchase an abstract painting for my baby’s nursery.
This blue Ikea dresser has sold me on shopping at Ikea…even if I do get lost and impulse buy everything every time. Also, #humblebrag, I totally painted those dinos for mon bébé.

George has yet to pick up a strong affection for ancient reptiles, but he has spent his last year and a half entranced by letters, states, countries, and—during a brief alphabet hiatus—planets. And so, for his big, 3-year-old Christmas present, I decided we should give his room a big-boy makeover. Well, that and the fact we had a dismantled double bed taking up half of our storage room. Two birds, one stone, people!

We spent the past few days with my folks since we could all be together for “Christmas” approximately a week before the actual holiday. (See here for info as to why we can’t seem to stick to Dec. 25.) On the last day, the Hubs and I packed the swagger wagon, strapped in Olivia, prayed she’d nap on the drive home, and hit the road, sans 3-year-old. My parents (Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!) entertained George, then brought him to our house in the evening.

We essentially spent six hours scrambling to disassemble a crib (Olivia’s), disassemble a toddler bed (George’s), reassemble the toddler bed into a crib (for Olivia), and reassemble a disassembled double bed (for George). Then cleaning, rearranging, decorating, more cleaning, until we had a room so perfect our 3-year-old has still not stopped talking about. Yeah, it’s a 90 minutes past bedtime.

And so, as we no longer kidnap our friends and force them to look at slideshows of our vacations, here’s the 21st-century version:

Yes, we put waaay more than 26 nail holes in the walls to complete this alphabet wall. The USA canvas now resides on the floor so George can study it more closely. He actually sleeps with six stuffed animals and a king-sized pillow, so I’m glad the new bed is big enough to comfortably hold everyone. In other news, that giant dresser is full of wrapping paper and gift bags—the important things in life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I realize it’ll only stay this clean until we come home from the next Christmas adventure (Alabama! Road trip! At least eight hours with a squirmy baby girl and a chatty little man!). Does anyone else struggle to find new homes for presents? Seems like such a first-world problem, eh?

After George saw his room and pointed out every facet to my parents, he said, “This room is fun!” There are zero toys. I’m pretty sure he’d be thrilled to live in a kindergarten classroom. Gotta love my little academic.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season! I wish the highs weren’t in the 80s here in central Florida (*grumble, grumble*). If you happen to be enjoying Mother Nature’s cold shoulder, take in a deep breath in for me.

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  1. Allison West says:

    The vision is now a reality! It turned out so nice! I’m glad George loves his very thoughtful and labor intensive present!


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