Another Visit to Mickey Mouse’s House

Let’s be honest. Disney has a lock on us.

Honestly, I wish things were different. The Disney corporation as a whole chooses to support organizations and causes I wish it would avoid, but they’re not exactly asking for my opinion. I just wish they weren’t So. Darn. Good. at what they do.

(Hi, Mom!)

And so, since Disney offers the Floridian discount, I loaded up the kiddos (after 3ish hours of very bad sleep. Thank you, Olivia), and headed to the Happiest Place on Earth. I have mom friends who do this on a regular basis, with just their young children, a bag of snacks, and double stroller in tow. I, however, am not this brave, so I coerced my parents into joining us for a day of Magic-Kingdom fun. “Making memories” and all that, when I really just needed more than one set of eyes and hands to round up my little hooligans.

We had a great time. The park wasn’t too crowded. The weather was gorgeous. And, thankfully, Magic Kingdom decided not to poison me this time. Maybe Animal Kingdom is just out to get me.


Side Note: My children haven’t seen many Disney movies, so a lot of Disney magic is lost on them. This is not for lack of trying, but rather George’s lack of a 90-minute attention span. George can recognize Olaf from Frozen (he has the underwear) and Winnie the Pooh characters (though, he’s now scared of Tigger thanks to the freakin’ Winnie-the-Pooh ride last time we visited Magic Kingdom. Thank you, Mr. Disney). He also loves spotting Mickey Mouse and the gang.

The moment Olivia decided she would spend the rest of the day terrified of costumed people. I don’t blame her one bit.

Well, Olivia didn’t have the greatest time, as a person in a Country-Bear-Jamboree costume leaned very close to her stroller, offering a high-five. She was NOT pleased or amused. I then had the fabulous idea that we should go watch the show! Yeah, my sweet girl began whimpering when the first Southern-twangin’ grizzly began crooning, so I took her out as my folks sat with George. We then proceeded to run into two more bear-wearing characters outside the theater, much to Olivia’s joy!

We had fast passes to everything I thought George would enjoy, but I made the mistake of not mapping them out. We walked back and forth across the park many, many times. Fantasyland (the Dumbo ride, of course), Frontierland (the ill-fated and innuendo-filled Country Bear Jamboree), Tomorrowland, (the People Mover, which was a surprising hit with the 3-year-old crowd), and back to Fantasyland for the spinning Mad Tea Party and the Barnstormer. At one point, I lost track of time, realized we needed to get across the park for our spinning-teacups fast passes, threw George on my back, and started hoofing it past the castle.

THIS much joy happened on the teacup ride. And, yes, squinting through a camera DOES cause one to become extremely dizzy. Thank you for asking.

I’m always surprised at how much George loves roller coasters. After he went nuts during the Barnstormer, my mom commented how he’d be the child who would want the motorcycle someday. Yeah, looking forward to that conversation.

One of my highlights was stumbling across the Dapper Dans (upper left). Four men crooning as a barbershop quartet. They were fabulous in their tap shoes, straw hats, and arm-garter things. I’m a sucker for cheesy jokes, and they were clearly well-versed.

We also saw the Festival of Fantasy Parade. I just love this parade. The Not-Very-Scary Halloween Party parade was cool, but in a creepy way. This daytime parade is so well done. George left thinking he’d seen a real, fire-breathing dragon. Olivia clearly loved seeing the pretty women in lacy hoop skirts dancing, but once the first float chugged by, she went back to sad whimpering. Poor, sleepy baby girl.

This is where baby girl spent most of her day. (Thanks, Dad!)

I always spend a considerable amount of time wondering about Disney employees, especially those dancers and actors who don’t get to be THE princesses or princes. Like, is it a victory for you and your career that you get to be the second-Medieval-themed-dancing gal on the left? Was this your plan? Maybe you are 100% content? Also, do you also think that dancing man holding your hand has extraordinarily large teeth? These are the deep thoughts that cross my mind as Rapunzel and her entourage drift across my path.

We left after our last fast pass placed George in Mickey Mouse’s hugging arms. Both kids and Mama fell asleep almost before we pulled out of the parking lot (thanks, Dad, for driving!). All in all, I’d call it a success!

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of “Look at My Cute Kids!” *winky face*

Got any fun Disney memories you’d like to share? Or any terrible ones? Sometimes those are more fun…after the fact.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Allison West says:

    What a wonderful day!
    Two years ago when my boy was 3 we took him on Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland.) He seemed to suddenly remember that this ride had “drops” right when we were loading up and started panicking and asking us to leave but we were already seated and slowly moving. As we passed the “cast member” whose job was to push the control buttons our kid stretched out his pointer finger toward him and yelled as loud as he could, “Stop this ride, man!”
    I am almost positive we will never have to talk him out of getting a motorcycle.


    1. seemamaread says:

      Ha! I can 100% picture him saying that!


  2. Ber says:

    Comment the first: I love love LOVE the Dapper Dans! I look for them whenever I’m on Main Street.

    Comment the second: Listen, if you’re into the whole performing/dancing/singing thing, Disney World is right up there with Broadway. I’m sure there are some really catty shenanigans that go on backstage because if wanting more spotlight, but being second-Medieval-themed-dancing gal on the left is STILL one of the best jobs in the business.


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