Mama’s 2018 Reading Challenge: April

‘Ello, April! When did you get here? With all of the complaints of snow and cold (well, not in Florida, of course!), it feels like February. Here in central Florida, however, spring is clearly doing its spring thing.

Me and my maw circa 1995 on some vacation out West. Can you see why I read the books I did as a child? I’m quite certain I was the instigator in this situation…

And like the beautiful, blooming flowers, April brings us a fresh beginning on our reading challenge, especially since I failed miserably to complete March’s conquest (I blame politics, of course). April’s challenge is much more interesting, in my opinion. April challenges us to pick…

A Book From Our Childhoods!

Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

My first instinct was to pay a visit to Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I think this has to do with my re-visitation of my childhood equestrian dreams while plodding along on an “experienced” mule at the Grand Canyon last week. I loved that 1994 film adaptation of Black Beauty, though I can’t honestly say I’ve read the book. I had a child’s version of the book, complete with pictures and abridged stories, but, again, have I read the original? Mom? A little input? (Also, you’re welcome for posting the above photo for all to see. I love this unconditional-love thing.)

Side Note: I just googled the 1994 film, and, wow! It stars Sean Bean and David Thewlis, as well as Alan Cumming. I remember none of this, as my 8-year-old eyes were dazzled by equine beauty.


little house on the prairieI’ve decided to go a different route for this challenge.  For the Mama’s 2018 Reading Challenge: April, I’m going to read…

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Whoo! *General excitement and fanfare*

loved this book series as a kid, but I remember very little. Ever since I was first pregnant with George, I’ve had this weird connection with prairie life. And by “connection,” I mean I feel a distant compassion for the women of the prairie days. Like, these women birthed babies with no one but their husbands in rough-hewn cabins with dirt floors, probably surrounded by their eight other children, a few cows, and fear of an Indian invasion. No pain medicine except a strap of leather to chew on.

OK, I may have gotten all of those ideas from romance novels and TV, but you catch my drift.

And I whined about my feet being chilly in the hospital. Good gracious. I never would’ve survived.

I’m only challenging myself to read Little House on the Prairie itself, not the whole series. Even though it’s written for children, I’m not going to pretend that I have the willpower and follow-through to read more than one book this month. I mean, it is already the end of April’s first week. I’m already behind. Low-hanging fruit, people.

Sigh. I just realized that Little House in the Big Woods is actually the first book in the series, followed by Farmer Boy, THEN we have Little House on the Prairie. Well, I’ll just go wherever the wind takes me and catch back up with you in three weeks.

What are some of your favorite childhood books? Any you’d like to revisit?

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