Moving Week at Mama’s House

Y’all. It’s moving week, and, as everyone knows, it’s…

Thank you, John Ralphio, for succinctly communicating my feelings. (a la Parks & Recreation)

Since we’ve successfully made friends who are willing to answer our pleas for help, we’re making the big move on Saturday. That means I’ve been taking load after load in the minivan (with children) this week to try to prepare. And, gloriously, I think we’re ready? Ready-ish?

Regardless, Mama is wiped, so sorry for the lackadaisical post featuring images of my children. They’ve been pretty flexible this week (as flexible as a 3-year-old and 18-month-old can handle), but it’s definitely taking a toll. Praise God it’s almost the weekend…when grandparental reinforcements are arriving! Hallelujah!

Another praise: the only wallpaper in the house was SUPER easy to remove! Even George got in on the action. Not so fun: it left some glue behind that my ever-patient mother took it upon herself to remove.
A pony or a zero-turn lawnmower? Questions, questions.

Since we decided not to invest $5k, we gave Olivia her bubble mower and sent her to work. While she was at it, we had her replace a few knobs as well. Girl power.

We had to cross the store to pay for a desk at Office Depot. I turn around, and this is happening. They weren’t even giggling. They just looked so matter of fact, like, “Clearly, this is what should be happening.”
Our new house has wood floors and a suuuper long hallway. This goober is having the time of her little life dragging any and all toys across the house.

And so, after we settle in and get some well-needed rest, I’ll get back to my normally hilarious self. I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! Keep me posted on anything fun happening.

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