Five of Mama’s Favorite Things

Last weekend, I had the glorious occasion to attend a ladies’ beach weekend. We mamas try to get away about every six months, and we’ve established a few traditions.

First, we do the one thing I could never see men organizing on a men’s beach weekend—strap on the heels and go to a swanky dinner. Second, after dinner, we have our favorite things party. I love seeing products other women have discovered.

So, in the spirit of sharing our favorite things, I thought I’d give y’all a rundown of my current darlings (only one of which I gave during the party).

1. The Great British Baking Show – I can’t start a current favorite list without this gem. Yes, I’m ridiculously late to the game here, but y’all. It’s the cutest, most British-y show imaginable. I like to imagine that all British people live their lives like this, baking French pastries under a white tent in someone’s highly manicured garden. I highly recommend watching it with subtitles so you can catch every “scrummy” British catchphrase. I’m only on season two via Netflix, so for those in the know, I’m in the Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood days.


2. Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash – If you love Cool Whip and have dreamed of how it’d feel on your skin, go find some of this heavenly fluff. My first purchase was the lavender, and then I remembered I don’t love the smell of lavender. Shea butter is my current fave, but in doing research for this post, I discovered white strawberry (whatever that is) and mint, so I immediately Amazon Prime’d that bad boy.

3. Birds Eye Broccoli Fries – OK, this one is for George. I think these are kind of weird tasting, and my father dubbed them “horrible” when he tried them. However. My 3-year-old—who refuses to eat anything green—scarfs them down as fast as he can. It’s astounding, really. They’re found in the freezer section, baked in the oven, and made out of broccoli and potatoes. But, remember, no one clue my son into what it’s made of…

Potty Training4. Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki – It’s that “glorious” time in parenting when I get to potty train another little person. With George, potty training ranked right up there with the trial what was breastfeeding. Olivia is about eight months younger than George was, but I’m feeling confident-ish. This book gave me the tools I needed to tackle diaper-ditching with George, and I plan on heading down the same path with his lil sis.

5. Fig-Mint Ice Cream – So, I know nothing about figs, other than they live in a pudding in some Christmas song. However, Publix had them BOGO a few weeks ago, so I bought them on a whim (I’ll do this relying on Google to later supply a recipe). I rarely make ice cream, as Breyer’s and Blue Bell do just fine on their own. However, I thought I’d give it a crack (thanks for that, The Great British Baking Show). I made this recipe, and I’m still rejoicing in the delightful flavors. Definitely quite scrummy.

Do you have any favorite things you’d like to share? Please do!

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