You Know You’re Potty Training When…

You know you’re potty training (your child) when…

  • You realize you’ll be seeing the liquid from that snack-time orange again—probably soaked into your carpet or clothing—in the very near future.
  • You perfect your towel free-throw toss into your rapidly-filling washer.
  • You fear leaving the room and strain your ears for that little “uh oh!”
  • 20180924_085634.jpg
    Peppa Pig is getting a potty-training lesson as well. It’s about time. Girlfriend is like 4 years old.

    You thank Jesus that pee is sterile.

  • You’ve never cheered louder for someone’s biological function.
  • You praise God you don’t have to teach your child how to pee.
  • Your go-to conversation with fellow adults revolves around how many times your child successfully made it to the potty. And, yes, you use the word “potty” repeatedly.
  • You have a plastic toilet, a change of clothes (for you and your child), and a roll of paper towels in your car for a 15-minute errand.
  • You rationalize a possible grocery-store accident with “Eh, I’m sure mine wouldn’t be the first kid to leave a puddle in the aisle.”
  • You don’t bother to change your kid out of her pjs or yourself out of your sleepwear when taking your older child to school (true story).

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