Ten Reasons Why It’s Time for Cold Weather

So, I find myself complaining about the heat a lot. I live in central Florida, so I have no one to blame but myself (or, rather, my brilliant husband for deciding he needed a doctoral degree) for living in this tropical (ahem) paradise.

Can’t rock a pea coat in 90 degrees. (Wasn’t toddler George a cutie pie?!)

I realize Florida’s population continues to rise, so a ton of people must love the idea of sweltering day in and out. Maybe this is because older folks tend to need cardigans in 80-degree heat? In that case, I can understand the Floridian popularity.

I’d much (MUCH) rather be where I have to wear a sweater every day. I don’t necessarily want to wear a parka and wool hat every day, but a sweater and jeans? Yes, PLEASE. Then again, I grew up in Florida, so maybe I’m just kidding myself. I spent seven years in Alabama, where there are legitimate seasons, and I miss that fall glory.

And so, without further ado, here is my list of reasons why it’s just plain TIME for the high to drop below 90 (or 80. Or 70. Or maybe even 60).

  1. Hairy legs look bad in shorts, but glorious in jeans.
  2. All stores are selling winter clothes.
  3. My kids are outgrowing their summer clothes, and I refuse to buy more this late in the year.
  4. There’s nothing as handy as a slow cooker. There’s not much less appealing than eating stew after coming in from 95-degree heat.
  5. Our back porch needs some love and attention.
  6. I feel like my best self in jeans, especially when paired with boots.
  7. I need yet another year to figure out how to rock a scarf.
  8. It’d be nice to be outside for more than five minutes without George looking like he jumped in a pool.
  9. It’s time to justify all of those Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby. (For. Real.)
  10. My 3-year-old believes it’ll snow.
Well, those chubby baby thighs do get hidden with cold weather… (last year’s pumpkin pic)

Any other reasons spring to mind? I’d love to hear them!

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