My Favorite Christmas Gift to Give

I’m very good at starting DIY projects. I can run that Visa, support Hobby Lobby, and leave a bag of supplies sitting on my dining room table better than anyone I know. However, it’s the finishing with which I take issue.

Also, I appear to spend more money on a DIY project than simply purchasing the finished product from someone with a bit more, uh, project-finishing gumption than myself. This is a silly problem.

bekah.jpgLast fall, however, I ran across a crafty project that looked like fun. I’m sure I saw it through a Facebook ad, as Facebook knows my likes and dislikes better than I do. I saw an ad for Stitch Peoplea book that teaches you how to make little cross-stitched people.

Well, this sounded like the perfect craft project for me, mainly because I could sit on the couch while doing it. I bought the book around August, so that would give me pleeenty of time to whip up a few Christmas presents. Who wouldn’t want a tiny, pixelated version of him or herself to hang on the wall? Low-hanging fruit, people!

My first goal was to finish a gift for my great aunt, who taught me how to cross-stitch (she is 1000xs more advanced than my humble stitchery level). I had inherited a few shoe boxes full of embroidery thread from my great-grandmother, so I had everything I needed.

My first one was rather simple.

Obviously, my lack of follow-through began to sing about halfway through.

But I finished! And then I finished another one for a different relative. Lastly, I pulled together a wedding portrait for one of my dearest friends and her new mister. I literally finished it the day I gave it to her, which attests to my lack of diligence.

The little dog was the biggest challenge. I can’t seem to make non-wonky pet eyes.

Last year, though, I left out one great aunt. I gave her an envelope containing an IOU for Christmas 2018, saying I would complete a portrait for her by, well, about six weeks from now. Assuming she may read this, I will neither confirm nor deny that I am working on said project.

Anywho, I think it’s worth putting in the extra effort for a homemade gift. Even if it’s not the most amazing present ever, it shows a little extra care, goshdurnit!

Then again, I do have to give up my very limited free time, when I’d thoroughly enjoy some literary reprieve. In the end, though…worth it!

What are your favorite DIY or craft projects? I love when people have cool or interesting hobbies.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandra P’Pool says:

    Mine is proudly displayed in our living room in Tennessee right now! I love it! You did a stellar job with our “portraits “! Especially love Dottie! Thanks so much, and love you always!


    1. seemamaread says:

      I’m so glad you’re still enjoying it! Love you too!


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