A Tribute to Mama’s Favorite Clothing Item

My favorite items of clothing—by far—are denim blue jeans. I love how I look in them, and I love how I feel in them. I love the strut I get when I’m rocking a good pair of jeans. I like dressing them up, and I like dressing them down. In fact…

I love blue denim jeans.
And I’ll say what this means.
I like them at the mall.
I like them in the fall.
I wear them to the playground.
I wear them ’round town.
I like dark wash better than light.
I like them fitted, but not too tight.
They look good with boots.
They look good with heels.
I wear them with flats.
But, honey, let’s get real.
I like them on toddlers and preschoolers too.
I like them on hunky husbands*, whew!
I’d wear them every day, if the weather were right
But I live in Florida, where it’s hot and too bright.

*This gal’s “hunky husband” was not warned before this poetic gesture was created and shared publicly.

My, how styles have changed!

I love blue jeans so much that I’ve kept a few pairs around for about a decade. When I was in college, I purchased a pair from New York & Company, and I LOVED them. They’re “fit and flare,” which is hil-arious in our skinny-jeans world. They’re also waaaay too long on me, but I barely know how to hem, so I only wear them with very high heels (i.e. never).

These jeans are size 12. I’ve been a 12 for most of my adult life. And even though these jeans are a 12, they barely fit. Like, muffin-top city. I’d have to be in a real fancy mood to want to wedge into these bad boys and teeter around in some high heels. Therefore, I didn’t wear them much. But I loved them and they make me feel classy, so I’ve kept them hanging in my closet for years now.

This year, though, I lost some weight. My gym has childcare included, so that’s high incentive to workout a few times a week. I’d say I’m down to about an 8, so I’ve enjoyed buying some new clothes.

(Pro Tip! Shop at Old Navy, as their sizes clearly run large. Where I’d be an 8/10 anywhere else, I get to buy the size 6 jeans at Old Navy. Why doesn’t every store do this?!)

Bet you didn’t know I have a SeeMamaRead.com shirt!

This morning, I tried on my old fancy jeans on a whim. For the first time in years, I didn’t have to struggle to get them on. They buttoned easily. And I laughed at the (now) ridiculously wide flare starting at the knee. But they actually looked good!

Then I got fired up about jeans to complain about putting your worth and identity in clothing sizes. Yes, please try to be healthy–for yourself and your family. Yes, you feel better when you’re making healthier choices. And, yes, I have a little more pep in my step when I’m rocking a smaller size.


When a “12” fits what everyone else calls an “8”, we don’t need to put our worth in a number, especially a number that’s subjective to…what? Some fashion guru? Some arbitrary system that changes from store to store? It’s silly, really.

The moral of the story: Go out there, and rock those jeans.


P.S. Also, keep writing poetry. Even if it’s really, really bad.

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  1. That’s what I like about you, Mama. You rock the rhyme AND the jeans! 🙂


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