Writing a Letter of Encouragement to Those Who Need It

In this day and age, if something isn’t recorded on the Internet, did it even happen? I’ve debated about writing this post, but only because I think there are worthwhile actions that don’t require a digital record. However, I’ve stumbled across and idea I’d like to share.

We’ve seen a lot of hubbub about Second Lady Karen Pence’s recent employment at a Christian school. (I did have to Google to see if “second lady” is the appropriate title for the vice president’s wife.) I attended Christian schools my whole life, a fact of which I’m immensely proud. My faith’s foundation gives such solid structure for both my life and as a means of teaching my children.

Without going too far down this rabbit trail, I hate what the liberal media is doing to Mrs. Pence. Why is there continual shock and outrage when Christians act like Christians? I admire her for bravely seeking employment when she had to have known there would be this insane backlash.

And so, I did the only thing a woman of words could think to do—I wrote her a letter.

Believe it or not, I don’t write many letters. I wish I did. I have a giant stash of stationary I’ve purchased with the best of intentions (sorry, Marie Kondo, as I know this would go against your tidying mantras). Thank-you cards are easy, but letters purely for letter’s sake? It’s a rarity.

I wanted her to know there are normal, American women out there praying for her and empathizing with her. From all accounts, she seems like a lovely, Christian mother and wife, and I simply want to support her morale and calling.

I can only imagine the tidal wave of negativity she and her husband receive daily. I’m hopeful they also receive support as well, but, as things seem to go in our broken world, I imagine she receives more of the former than the latter.

Whether you agree with working to educate children in the Christian faith or not, I believe our country’s leaders need support. And, on a more personal level, wouldn’t you be desperate for encouragement if you were in her shoes? Good gracious.

This post would be much more exciting if I had a response from Mrs. Pence to share, but I’ll keep you posted. Frankly, I just hope she gets my letter and has a moment of unexpected brightness in her day.

Who else could use a quick note of encouragement? Any ideas?

P.S. I know the Pences don’t live at the White House, but with the smidge of research I did to find a contact address for the Pence family, I settled on sending it to President Trump’s house. Maybe I’ll send the next one directly to Number One Observatory Circle.

Currently Reading:
Outrage, Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood by Derek Hunter
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (Book club read!)
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – I’m getting a lot of good ideas from Mrs. Kondo, but, seriously? There’s no such thing as a “fatal” mistake when it comes to tidying my home, as she so states ad nauseam.

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