Why Moving is a Booklover’s Greatest Fear

About 30 seconds after my husband texted the possibility of moving our family to South Carolina, I opened a new tab and began to Google.

  1. Do Publix grocery stores exist in South Carolina? And is one close to our new home?
  2. Does our bank have a branch nearby, as switch banks is annoying?
  3. Does a Lowes/Home Depot exist in the area?
  4. Were there enough restaurants to keep my taste buds content?
  5. Where’s the closest airport?

But, let’s get real. A very high-priority search involved the local library system.

My children and I visit the local library at least weekly, and if I sneak a free moment away from the kiddos, I normally find myself browsing the shelves at my leisure. I need a good library in my life–mostly for the health of the family checkbook, if you know what I mean.

So, when a bibliophile like myself digs up her roots and heads north, what are those most-important questions she needs to ask?

  1. When looking for a new house, how close is the neighborhood to a local library branch?
  2. Can I obtain a library card early in order to get on the waitlists for the books I’ve patiently been waiting for at her former library? (This is really stressing me out!)
  3. Are there established (i.e. awesome) book clubs in the area open to new members?
  4. Does Amazon Prime deliver to the new homesite, as I’m guaranteed to eventually purchase a new book?
  5. Can I really give away some of my books, as boxes full of books are super heavy to move?
  6. Will I remember to reset my Amazon delivery address so any pre-ordered books will find their way into my loving arms?
  7. Are there any bookstores nearby? Any used bookstores? (I’m itching to visit M.Judson Booksellers and Chocolate Moose Bakery in Greenville. Doesn’t that just sound glorious?!)
  8. Can I convince my husband to give away some of his decade-old college text books? (Answer: Yes! Yay!)

I’m on the library hold-request list for more than 30 items (DVDs and books included). I’ve been waiting for some items since August! AUGUST! There’s a bit of a pain in my side when I think about losing my place in the queue.

Ah well, there are more important issues in life…

…like, where are all of the other book-lovin’ mamas, how soon can we hang out, and when can we swap books?

Currently Reading:
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly – I’m still plugging along. I’m enjoying it a lot more now that the girls are out of the concentration camp. Yikes.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – This book helped me weed through baby clothes today. It’s so hard to go through all of those teeny weeny clothes!

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