Mama Takes The Kids To The Movies

With my ever-supportive mother at my side (hi, Mom!), I braved something new with the kiddos today. It’s been a long time coming. To most of you, this is old hat. You may even roll your eyes at my timidity and reserve. So, today…

I took my kids to their first movie-theater movie!

*General fanfare*

Mostly, he’s excited about having popcorn and lemonade at 10 a.m.

Actually, George attended his first cinematic experience when he was about two weeks old. The conclusion to The Hobbit saga (I say “saga,” because we all know it was unnecessarily long with three extended films and story lines that didn’t belong…hullo, angry White Orc!) released about a week after George, uh, released from mah belly. (You’re welcome.)

I’d say that was our first official outing as a family of three. I was terrified we’d bother people, so we went to the 2ish-o’clock showing and sat in the very back row so I could clumsily attempt to wield boob and baby in the privacy of the darkened theater without leer-ers behind me (or, rather, fellow movie goers who simply wanted to see hobbits instead of newborns). George cooperated nicely and slept most of the movie. We concluded our outing with Firehouse Subs, which I remember more clearly than the movie itself. Hey, I resisted deli meats for 10 months. Girlfriend needs her #8 Engineer.

Anywho. Back to present day.

It’s not that I was afraid to take my two small children to a movie theater. I just know them well enough to know the outcome. Even at home, George lasts about 40 minutes (for a movie he really likes) before being DONE. And what was I supposed to do when he decided he wanted to leave the theater? Get up and walk out? Bleh. Tickets are expensive, people!


In May, Facebook alerted me that our new town’s movie theater would be doing that summertime-special situation where it shows older kid movies on the cheap. The tickets are even free! Popcorn and a drink for $4! Since Mama Sr., was in town, I asked if she’d like to join for moral support. Thankfully, she had nothing else pressing. We packed up the kids and pulled into the parking lot just as numerous school buses were letting off groups of same-shirted groups of children. Awesome.

We got our popcorn, fruit snacks, and lemonades and settled into theater #4. It’s precious how my kids’ legs are so short. Olivia tried to sit bolt upright, back away from the back of her chair, because her little knees only reached so far.

We saw Wonder Park, a Nickelodeon movie released in March. The scariness factor is my biggest worry when showing my kids new movies. I had watched the preview ahead of time, so I knew the bad guys were tiny plush monkeys (at which Olivia shouted, “BABY MONKEYS!” every time they appeared). I enjoyed this movie. It even made me cry, which is incredibly rare.

The kids enjoyed it too. Only toward the very end did George announce (we have to work on quiet movie-theater etiquette…), “I’m done with this show!” so I count that as a win.

Lesson learned, universe. Taking my kids to try new things can either be awesome or extremely trying. You’ll never know until you try.

Currently Reading:
The Connected Child by Karyn B. Purvis, PhD, David R. Cross, PhD, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine – This is the one book we have to read for our adoption. Frankly, it’s giving me more tools for my tool belt in disciplining and parenting George and Olivia. I know it’ll be beneficial in the coming months and years. However…I am ready to get back to my novels. *shrug*

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    You are BRAVE. Seriously. I’m thinking of waiting until mine are, like, junior high aged. (Kidding, of course!)


    1. seemamaread says:

      I know! That’s why I only braved a free movie in a kid-filled movie theater WITH adult backup!


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