What’s Mama To Do On the First Day Of School?

Unlike the rest of the world, my kiddos didn’t start school until September. Yes, that was me giving your kid’s first-day-of-school picture the stink eye as my children continued to climb all over me in their end-of-summer fever haze.

But today is the day!

Well, George actually started yesterday. I have made the dire mistake of explaining homeschool to him. Now, he says every day that he wants to be homeschooled. While that’s a distinct possibility for future schooling (for, say, when he’s in kindergarten…aka “real school”), I plan to keep him in precious preschool right now. Will he learn much academically? Um, no. But will he learn how to make a friend? Please, Lord! And will he get to use glitter and paint somewhere other than my kitchen? That’s the main reason I’m paying his tuition.

Black Dog, the little brown dog he’s holding, hitched a ride in the backpack. She didn’t, however, eat his lunch, so that was a relief all around.

While George has been in preschool for going on three years, this is Olivia’s very, very first day. She’s my little socialite, so I really wasn’t overly concerned. She even carried George’s backpack for him yesterday, then cried when she realized she wouldn’t get to stay. Today, she waltzed in like she owned the place. Girlfriend is very confident.

Now, other than feeling a smidge of guilt about peeling George off my leg and running out the door (Sorry to his teacher! He’s usually fine about three minutes later!), I’m feeling pretty footloose and fancy free, y’all!  Last night, I stopped mid-teeth-brushing and walked over to my husband exclaiming, “I can go see a movie! I can just go back to bed! I could go get a haircut! With no prior thought and with no babysitter!”

Is this allowed?

I mean, I do have to do responsible things, like pick up my offspring at lunchtime. It’d be awkward if I didn’t do that, mostly because it’s $1 per minute I’m late. I suppose I could toss in a load of laundry every now and then too. Do you think I could clean absolutely everything in the house on, say, Monday? Then I’d have every other day to play? Hmm, that’s probably a bit ambitious.

So, tell me, what are you favorite things to do while the kids are at school?

Currently Reading:
The Selection by Kiera Cass – OK, don’t judge me too harshly on this one. It’s a young-adult novel about a society broken into a caste system. The prince has come of age and is a’wife huntin’. Thirty-five girls are selected from all different castes and put into a The Bachelor-type competition to win his heart. The winner, obvs, gets to be queen. The protagonist’s name is America Singer. Eh. I’m actually reading it because I’m doing a bit of research on tropes in popular young-adult novels. That makes it sound more academically challenging, right?

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