When Your Kid Believes In Santa Claus

Y’all. We’ve hit a snag in the Santa situation.

Two years ago, I explained how we weren’t really going to do the Santa Claus thing with our then-3-year-old son. I wrote all about it here. I had mixed feelings about the Big Man in Red and, honestly, continue to feel those same feels.

As time has be-bopped along, we’ve had more conversations about Santa. George periodically asks about Saint Nick, and I’ve always tried to tell the truth in an appropriate way. Frankly, I’ve given away the big secret. He asked very directly, and I couldn’t figure out a good way to lie to that little, earnest face.

20191203_170443.jpgLet me be very clear. I do not want my kid to be the kid that makes the other kids cry by telling them Santa isn’t real! Making small children cry and ruining Christmas magic is very, very low on my priority list.

I’ve explained that Saint Nick was a real person who cared about children. He also loved Jesus and taking care of people. Because of this, a story has grown about him. It’s a fun, magical story, but it’s still just a story. Christmas is about Jesus. George seems pretty OK with all of this. He asked for answers and got them. I didn’t go out of my way to volunteer this!

But then…

My daughter had different ideas.

She LOVES Santa!

She’s not at all interested in the true story (after all, she just turned 3).

And, you know what? I think I’m OK with this. No, I know I’m OK with this. As long as she’s learning the true story of Jesus’ birth and grasping the deeper meaning behind Christmas, I’m fine with some seasonal magic.

This was taken on a Christmas tree farm. It was about 2.3 seconds before they both completely sat on me, and I fell backwards.

So, I’ve had a realization that this might mean more work for me. Like, do I have to do the sneaky stocking thing now? Wrap presents in special Santa paper? Make and set out cookies? (OK, I’m down with that last one…)

Thankfully, she’s only 3, so I don’t think things have to get too elaborate.

The main problem? Keeping her big brother from spilling the secret one too many times. Every time she talks about Santa coming to our house, he slips in, “He’s not real!” I have to be careful about how many times I get onto him or send him a stink-eye. The Hubs and I tried to get him on our team. Like, “All right, bud, since you’re now all-knowing, it’s your job to help us keep it a secret for Olivia. What a big boy you are!”

But, sadly, our big boy has a bit of the family’s genetic know-it-all streak. He tries with all of his little 5-year-old willpower to hold it in, but struggles whenever the topic surfaces. Thankfully, his little sister pointedly ignores him and pirouettes away into 3-year-old imagination land.

And so, here’s the big question…

Do I brave the line at the mall to see take Olivia to meet Mr. Claus? 

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