Things My Kids Say: Florida Keys Edition

Until this very week, I’ve never been a fan of warm weather.

She enjoyed Key West.

I grew up in central Florida. The “winter” never lasted long enough to genuinely miss the warmer temperatures. Those Florida nights would dip into the frigid 40s, and we celebrated by pulling out our only scarves and only slightly sweating in thick sweaters.

When we moved to South Carolina, we were overly excited about real winter. (Yes, if you’re a true Northerner, you can laugh at low-of-20 as “real winter”.) We had one perfect snow Saturday, and it checked all of our family’s boxes.

This week, though, we’re on a family vacay in the Florida Keys. When we planned this trip months ago, I wasn’t overly excited about being at the beach during the first week of March. March is an unpredictable time in Florida.

When I was packing, the high was about 80 degrees in the Keys. As I stood in my thick sweater and jeans, I tried to remember what I wear during the warmer months. I was also packing for the Husband, so he received texted photos of his shoes asking, “WHAT do you wear during the summer?!”

OK, it’s a heated pool.

Temperatures in the mid-70s don’t scream “only shorts!” to me, so I threw in light jackets and extra socks. As we meandered down the Atlantic coast, I quickly realized I should’ve packed more shorts and less denim. Ah well, I’m a Floridian by birth, and Floridians are used to sweating.

To be honest, it’s a bit of a relief to be so warm and sunny in the midst of those rainy, wintry South Carolina days. Though, I’m OK with winter continuing a bit longer at home. It makes the spring even sweeter.

Since we’re on family vacay in the Florida Keys, I’m taking the easy way out and entertaining you with cute things my kids say. For any newcomers, George is 5, and Olivia is 3. I’m the one rolling her eyes in the background.

George: You’re the best mommy I could find.

Kids jumping on the bed together. George telling Olivia what kind of scientist she could be someday.
George: Chemistry, physics, biology…
Mama: Well, I was an English major. I got to read a LOT of books.
Olivia: That would make you sweaty!
Mama: Yes, yes it did.

While using detangler spray on Olivia’s infinite tangles…
Olivia: That smells good!
George: What’s it smell like?
Olivia: (Thinks) Boys!
Mama: (Eye roll)

George: Wanna know a fun fact about my friend at school? He’s the captain of the acorn pirates. Another boy wants to be, but he’s not old enough.
(I’d love to be a fly on the wall during a school-playground round of acorn pirates.)

George: I don’t like the word dwell. It’s not a 5-year-old word.

Mama: Your birthday is almost over. You’re officially 5 years old!
George: I am? But I’m still silly!
Mama: Judging by your daddy, grandfather, and uncle, that won’t change anytime soon.

Olivia: I like to glare at people. Because I don’t know people.
The Hubs: She was bound to get something from me.

Great Aunt: She’s very literal, isn’t she?
Olivia: No! I BIG!

Out by our fire pit, roasting marshmallows…
George: Olivia, can I hold the marshmallows now?
Olivia: No, thank you.

George: (doing a US states puzzle with Olivia) West Virginia is so cheeky! It was hiding!

Ah, it’s a never-ending circus at Mama’s house!

I hope you all are enjoying your start-of-March and that spring is just peeking around the corner.

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20170724_202451Currently Reading:
The Night
Circus by Erin Morgenstern – I read this beauty in 2013 while the Hubs and I traveled Europe, so it’ll always hold personal magic and nostalgia for me. However, it also touts its own wonderful brand of magic. The audiobook is narrated by the magnificent Jim Dale, so that’s its own twist of magic as well.

I’d say The Night Circus defies genre. Fantasy, a bit of thriller, some romance. It probably moves a bit slowly for some, but I love the dreamy pace. We see Celia and Marco pitted against each other by their illusionist mentors, and their playing field? A most imaginative Circus of Dreams. It’s just lovely.

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