fb_img_1515803861872-1877547495.jpgHi! I’m Christine, and I live near Greenville, South Carolina, with my brilliant husband (he’s a geneticist, for real) and two precious kiddos under the age of 5. We’re working through adopting kiddo #3 from China, which you can read about here.

See Mama Read is a blog dedicated to children’s books, the kids who love them, and the parents who (are forced to) read to their children (over and over and…). I didn’t pay much attention to children’s books before having my son, but, as we’ve logged well over 500 books in his four years, I have strong preferences and opinions on books worth sharing and books that need to stop making the rounds.

The good Lord blessed me with a cute story idea, so I’m also a children’s picture book author, though that part of my life is still very much in the works.


Basically, I’m an English major who wrote for money, then had a couple of babies and couldn’t resist staying home. I decided to make friends with my local librarians because I need some adult conversation during the day (and, frankly, I wanted them to cut me some slack when my baby is squealing in the silent library).

In my free time — also known as the brief hours after their bedtime but before mine — I read as voraciously as possible. I’ll keep you posted on those findings, as well.

Is it OK to let your baby chew on books you don’t enjoy?

And so, regardless of your situation, if you love books, if your kids love books, and if you love reading with your kids (or just love your kids), these thoughts are for you. If you’re tired of reading the same terrible children’s books again and again (much to your child’s delight, of course), I’m taking the legwork work out of the equation and discovering hilarious, thoughtful, and worthwhile books with which you can build memories with your family.

Let me know what you’re reading, as well! I’m always looking for suggestions.

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