Let’s Talk About Imaginary Friends

I never expected to have imaginary friends living in my house. I mean, I had kids, so I always knew it’d generally be a possibility. But, apparently, it’s now a reality.

Things My 3-Year-Old Ponders

Today, I thought I’d entertain you with the musings of my 3-year-old. I hope it’s not just my husband and me who find him hilarious, as these are quickly becoming my favorite posts.

A Party for my Birthday Babies

I’m not sure what we were thinking, but we had a definite plan in early 2014 when we decided to try to have our first baby. Our birthdays are in the spring, so why not have a late-fall baby? Therefore, when George started making his grand appearance a week early in 2014, we missed Thanksgiving…

My Favorite Books to Give as Gifts

I specifically love giving books for kids’ birthdays. Goodness knows, we go to enough themed parties these days, and books are an easy, but thoughtful gift. Plus, with kids’ books, you never know if they’ll be that special book the child loves and reads to his or her children some day. I love that idea.

Christmas Gift Guide: What My Kids Actually Play With

And so, here’s a list of sure-fire hits (in my experience) for the 3ish-and-under set. I mostly prize toys that 1.) entertain my children independently (as in, Mama isn’t needed to be hands-on), 2.) don’t annoy the crap out of the parents, and 3.) have return power. If it’s going to take up valuable house space, it needs to earn its keep.

A Favorite Things Party

‘Ello! I’m writing to you after a loooong, wonderful weekend at the beach with four mom/church/friend friends (is “friend friends” a thing? Does every friend need an adjective?). As I was packing for our trip, my husband commented that I’d finally be able to catch up on all of my sleep. Yeah, well, movies, books,…