Need Help Editing?

God gifts us all differently, and I know He gave me a talent with words, grammar, and punctuation. Not exactly the sexiest gift, I’ll admit, but a darn useful one!

IMG_9585But why am I sharing this with you? Good question.

I want you to know that if you need editing assistance, I’d love to help. My brain starts humming when I get to fix apostrophes and add missing commas. I love getting rid of passive voice and creating more interesting verbiage. Here’s the full post, if you’re interested.

I’m offering this as a ministry to you. I’d love to help you get a foot up on a job application, enter a job interview with more confidence, or help with a professional biography. But if you send me your 250-page, young-adult, fantasy novel, I’m going to ask you for money.

I know most people don’t have a love of all things grammatical, so let me know if I can help, folks.

Send an email to, and we can get started!