Are Boys or Girls Harder to Raise?

I’ve always been a little dubious of moms complaining about pushy/overly interested strangers giving advice or opinions. I mean, I’ve been through two pregnancies and really never ran into those “well-meaning” older ladies in the grocery store. If anything, the general public was exceedingly kind to my full-bellied self, and I loved showing off my…

I Have a Major Problem with Book Clubs

As you can probably tell by this blog, my aspiration to be a novelist, and even my wardrobe, I love books. I love diving into stories and being surprised by characters. Fantasy, romance, and historical fiction are my favorite genres (well, and also clever picture books), but I also dabble in science fiction and contemporaries….

How To Make The Bible Come To Life

I’m starting to feel like that wide-eyed, hyper soul who will trap you in a corner at a party to tell you every detail about something she’s learned.