Have You Ever Made A Magic Cake?

Before starting, I did what every wise baker should do and actually took the time to read over the recipe. And what I found made me very nervous.

Let’s Talk About Imaginary Friends

I never expected to have imaginary friends living in my house. I mean, I had kids, so I always knew it’d generally be a possibility. But, apparently, it’s now a reality.

My Favorite Christmas Gift to Give

I’m very good at starting DIY projects. I can run that Visa, support Hobby Lobby, and leave a bag of supplies sitting on my dining room table better than anyone I know. However, it’s the finishing with which I take issue. Also, I appear to spend more money on a DIY project than simply purchasing the…

Has Anyone Even Read ‘Frankenstein’?

I’ve seen cultural references to Frankenstein my whole life, as the monster is a very common figure to emulate, imitate, and replicate. For the life of me, though, I can’t understand how we got it all wrong?