Clever Counting Books: Teaching Kids those Numbers

We’ve discovered a few fun counting books over the years, so I thought I’d share. Some are a bit annoying, as they force the reader to make sound effects. Of course, these are the ones the toddler returns to over and over and…

Not-Too-Scary Halloween Books

Here are some fun, not-too-scary Halloween books for you to peruse. My advice? Hit up your library¬†immediately. I’m always too late for holiday books, so my son gets to hear Christmas books in about February. True story.

Mama’s Secret Tip for Finding Great Kids’ Books

One day in our living room, I found myself studying our shelf of library books (I keep them separate from our personal books Mama would go mad looking for lost library books). I noticed something fun and clever.

Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Top Three Lists

This has been a very book-filled week. I don’t say this to brag of my benevolence or generosity, as Mama still flipped on some periodic, “educational-ish” screen time. However, we took a serendipitous journey to my parents’ house and let the grandparents shower my sweet babies with literary repetition.