ABC Books Worth Reading to Your Kiddos

I’m especially enthusiastic if the X or Q are creative alternatives to “xylophone” or “quilt.” Actually, I habitually flip to those pages to see if the book is worth reading.

Top Three Lists: See What We’re Reading

Since I found myself distracted by my beloved fiction novels, I thought I’d give a rundown of what I’m reading. Oh, and I figured I’d give you a list of what George has on his reading agenda as well.

Not-Too-Scary Halloween Books

Here are some fun, not-too-scary Halloween books for you to peruse. My advice? Hit up your library immediately. I’m always too late for holiday books, so my son gets to hear Christmas books in about February. True story.

Mama’s Secret Tip for Finding Great Kids’ Books

One day in our living room, I found myself studying our shelf of library books (I keep them separate from our personal books Mama would go mad looking for lost library books). I noticed something fun and clever.